Break That Barricade- Because You Are The Man!

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Break That Barricade.

Everyone is looking for a direction in life not realizing that the direction is within them. You need to follow a technique- which is called finding answers by asking questions. You just need to ask questions, a lot of questions and then you have to find the answers to those questions. It’s that simple. 

Yes! You will find the answers if you dig down. But some of your questions will have no answers because these are the questions that are called “unanswered questions” You just have to press pause to the “unanswered questions” and keep moving forward along with the answers that you just found. 

Finding answers by asking questions is a process- and when you are about to complete the process, you will see that you are living life in a cage. You need to have the courage to break the cage. 

Many of you could not run away from the problems or from the people because you are in a very strict barricade. Break that barricade which says you can’t live without someone. Break that barricade which says you can’t move on with life. Break that barricade which says you don’t deserve better. Just break it all… you can do it… 

And then, you have to work on your originality. You have to be real. Only do real things in life. If it’s not real, don’t do it because it’s not gonna make any sense to whatever you are doing in life. 

Listen to your voice but your voice will tell you different things at different times but remember you have to follow it and move into the direction that it shows you. When that voice inside you says “it’s time to walk away” just walk away. Don’t look back. When that voice inside you says, “it’s time to do it, just do it…” 

Whatever you are doing in life, you have to do it to express what you want to say, not to impress. If you are doing something to impress someone, that’s when you lose your originality.  You just have to be a happy person. You just have to make sure that you are having a good sleep at the end of the day. That is what matters most. 

You are doing something very very wrong when you start compromising in whatever you are doing in life. Never compromise, make agreement instead. If you have to do something by compromising your self-respect, press pause and move on. 

Stop looking for validation: you are a complete person. You don’t need anyone to complete you. You just need you to complete you. Find someone who completely understands your feelings or at least try to understand.

Otherwise, don’t waste time, money and energy into things which bring nothing except a few disappointments and heartbreaks. And never accept disrespectful treatment from anyone. 

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