Gentleman's Thought Score

Easy to use

From shaving to hair shading, grease, and hair cream, try an item that explicitly defined for dark men that will suit your grooming routine.

If you want to get rid of your body hair without using a razor, this cream can work as a lifesaver for you. It takes only 4 minutes to work on your skin and hair falling like butter which can be convenient for your super busy schedule too.

It keeps your skin hair-free for the next 4 days after using it once.

This depilatory cream doesn’t stink like any other hair removal cream rather leaves a light fresh fragrance.

The powder formulation of the cream pull of your hair gently and leaves the skin baby smooth without any irritation. This cream can be used for removing body hair as well as shave your head.
Men get that nearby shave feeling comfortable with our Magic Shave in cream or exemplary powder and discover another facial hair, face, and head preparing grooming product at home.

CARSON Magic makes a variety of items for all facial hair types and shaved heads, including razorless depilatory creams and powders to avoid razor bumps, in addition to exfoliating cleansers & moisturizers. This cream from Carson Magic is a blessing for men that includes a light new fragrance, works in a short time, and goes on for 4 days.


This product is specially formulated for men to add this in their grooming routine and get super smooth skin and flawless bald without a single bump from a razor. So then say bye-bye to razors.


  • Wipe off hair gently in 4 minutes
  • Works effectively on coarse hair
  • Minimal irritation
  • Skin feels like super soft and buttery
  • Smells good


  • A bit tingle on the skin but not harmful
  • Need to apply a thick layer on the skin if you have coarse wiry hair