Gentleman's Thought Score

Easy to use

Do you need to get ready for an impromptu date?

Then you can add this NULL hair remover cream in your grooming session. This cream can be used most of the body parts of men including the pelvic area. Product claims it works within 5-10 minutes which is convenient for getting ready before going out on a special date. Gently pull your hair with zero irritation and leave your skin smooth and hydrated.

This cream is made with 7 types of anti-inflammatory organic extracts as Centella, Rosemary, Tealeaf, Licorice, Chamomile, Scutellaria, and knotweed root extract which helps to remove dark pigmentation on the skin and 4 types of moisturizing ingredients as Aloe, papain, orange oil and rosa canina fruit extract which makes your skin feel soft and hydrated.

The product is structured not to mess skin up, for example, burning, irritation, and aggravation. this hair expulsion cream is appropriate for individuals with delicate skin. It can even be utilized on pubic hair and swimsuit lines also.

The smell that is normally found in most regular hair depilatory creams is limited in this product. Upgraded with a new green flower fragrance, this depilatory cream smells much less unsavory than other hair removal items.

This item has been accumulating worldwide consideration from individuals of an assortment of skin types and gender orientation because of its delicate formula, high adequacy, and absence of scent.
This is 100% ethically source, delivered, and quality-guaranteed in Japan.


So pamper yourself with this NULL hair removal cream and get a super smooth hair-free skin. Be confident in your date or at the beach.


  • Low irritation burning and itchiness
  • Least chemical odor
  • Able to use sensitive areas
  • Strong hair removal ability
  • Works for any skin types


  • Cannot use on extremely sensitive areas such as scrotum and anus