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Easy to use

Guys who take their appearance seriously on a date will definitely appreciate the work formula of BARE BALM hair removal cream. Specially made for all active men and designed to apply in all body parts including the ‘FUN ZONES’. Awesome ingredients and a top-notch formula make Bare Balm the obvious choice to bare the hair. After wiping off your hair, you will feel your skin silky and buttery so that you want to keep touching. And more amazingly, if you apply the cream on your skin for a long time it doesn’t really burn your skin which is a great thing.

This isn’t only a body hair removal cream, its two of them is a complete package. In the first place, you apply the essential Bare Balm hair removal cream to begin taking the hair off. At that point, you get the chance to utilize the included hair scratching gloves given in the kit to pull off the entirety of the extricated hair. Finally, after removing all the hair, you apply the Bare Balm lotion to moisturize your skin.

The Bare pair is certainly a more amazing experience. it’s excessively simple to utilize all the units in this Bare Balm Kit.


Bare Balm cream pair intended to work like a manscaping dream.The smoothness that BARE BALM offers, the gentleness with which it accomplishes a task so central to its purpose, the sense of humor embedded in the directions that brings a calmness and confidence to the work entailed.


  • Scratching gloves and essential moisturizer included in this Kit
  • Remove stubborn body hair from sensitive body spots
  • Mouthwatering smell
  • Skin becomes soft and moisturized
  • Moisturizing properties of the Calm Balm leave your skin feeling buttery smooth


  • Not for sensitive skin types
  • Hair removal gloves function admirably however it is annoying to clean that later