Here Is Why You Need To Guard Your Heart

Gentleman, you need to learn to set a guard on your heart. Never allow your heart to be carried away with every compliment. Every nice person or anybody who smiles, all of a sudden, your heart starts entering into all of these ideas and fantasies and then you just start going and you don’t protect your heart.

People always says to protect your body but nobody ever says to protect your heart. People who get connected emotionally and people who cry themselves to sleep and people who are in these one-sided love affairs and they are carried away with the secret attractions, they are all upset and they frustrate themselves always wanting something that is not there or seeing something in somebody that they don’t see in themselves.

That is the reason you have to guard your heart. You know when your heart is getting carried away, you have to talk to yourself. Do not allow yourself to become intoxicated with anything. If you guard your heart, it will help you protect your heart. Your heart is broken because you didn’t guard your heart.  Do you know what will help you to guard your heart? When you start valuing yourself. Don’t fool yourself with things that are too high for you.

Your heart must be protected. Stop allowing your heart to be carried away by every little person who comes along any little stranger, keep your heart away from ghosts. Things that used to be alive but they are dead. Stop falling in love with ghosts. If it’s over, it’s over. Guard your heart, get your heart back.

Start talking to God, God help me with my heart, help me with my emotions, help me with my memories- my memories are tormenting me. Bring my memories up under subjection so that I can sleep tonight, you have to be able to talk to God. You have to be able to talk to God, God help me with myself. Lift my mind up. Set my affections on things that are above.

Guard your heart. When you see, your heart being carried away, you have to snatch it and bring it in. You can’t go up to somebody talking about ‘Don’t hurt me, because you know what they are going to do, they are going to hurt you.

If you dive out of 20 story building, you are going to get hurt. Don’t jump, don’t jump. Don’t get close to the edge, you can’t fly. Don’t try. Guard your heart.

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