Aaron Marino Interview With Jeremy Fragrance

Aaron Marino who is known as Alpha M on YouTube, is an entrepreneur, men’s lifestyle expert and business owner. He is the founder of IAmAlpha M and has amassed over 6 million followers on his YouTube Channel. Last week, he has been interviewed by Jeremy who is the leading Fragrance Influencer. Jeremy is an online entrepreneur and the most influential online personality when it comes to fragrance recommendations. He is best known for Jeremy Frangrance

Jeremy: How would you describe yourself ?

Aaron: When I first started making YouTube videos I was actually embarrassed to tell people that I made YouTube videos and so like my wife would always give me a hard time when we would go to a party or something, she would be like don’t tell people that you make YouTube videos because it sounds like you make porn and I’m like oh, but it’s YouTube. But it’s changed over the years. YouTube has become a mainstream and now it’s like a cool thing to say that I make YouTube videos. When somebody that I don’t know meets me and asks me what are you doing? I basically say that I’m an online entrepreneur and I have some online businesses and I also make YouTube videos and that’s usually what gets the conversation started.

Jeremy: Would you say that YouTube is your main attention source for where people can find you?

Aaron: For me, it’s always been about YouTube. I started making videos back in 2008 and I have I played around with other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, I was trying to see if Facebook was a good medium but it’s always been about YouTube. I love the fact that I get to just talk to a camera and I get to connect with an audience. My whole life I was just searching for validation and an acceptance but when I started making YouTube videos I found that this is where I need to be. I absolutely love what I get to do for a living.

Jeremy: What product success surprised you the most?

Aaron: I have a few businesses; Pete & Pedro which is a grooming company, Tiege Hanly which is a skincare business and Enemy which is a sunglass company. I tried a lot of things. What honestly surprised me was the fact that the grooming company Pete and Pedro had done so well and I made $30,000 in sales in the first year and $80,000 in the second year. I didn’t realize Pete and Pedro would be such a viable business that it would have six seven hundred thousand dollars in annual revenue and that’s what shocked me. I started paying more attention to this afterwards. I have been in this business for seven years and in each year the revenue continued to double. It’s been really amazing.

When you give people good products at a reasonable price and you offer good customer service, they keep coming back and so for me, that’s what’s been sort of the secret to business success. It’s just to give people good products what they want and and don’t sell anything that you wouldn’t use yourself.


Jeremy: How was Shark Tank for you?

Aaron: It was amazing. I thought Shark Tank twice; the first time I went on for like an informational product and they hated it. I realized that I needed to figure something else out because I didn’t like selling informational products. I was thinking that I needed a lower price point product and one day I was styling my hair and I realized that I love hair product. I’m always talking about it and I’m not happy with American Crew which is the big hair product company. Then I went to my friend who’s a hair styler and I asked do you know any companies that can manufacture hair product and that’s kind of how that happened and then ended up going back on Shark Tank and the second time I was validated. I thought they were going to love this business because Pete and Pedro was making $600,000 revenue in a year and it’s marketing expenses were very low but they didn’t want to invest in Pete and Pedro. They wanted to invest in me and the platform YouTube. And so I ended up taking it on camera and then one when I got home, I said, thanks, but no thanks. It wasn’t right for me. But it was amazing. I love Shark Tank. It was incredible

Jeremy: Selling infotainment product vs digital product vs physical product- isn't it much more fantastic to have a physical product?

Aaron: I think it really depends on on who you are and what you’re good at. I’m not really great at writing. I’m not really interested in sitting down and crafting emails but what I love is products, I love finding things that I love.

Jeremy: How would you say can you lose belly fat?

Aaron: Fitness is not super complicated; it’s all about calories in and calories out. If you burn more than you’re consuming you’re going to lose weight. And once you figure out what your Basal Metabolic Rate, it’s pretty simple. In a nutshell it’s how many calories you burn at rest during the day and how many calories you need in order to sustain you. It’s a simple math equation. And then you just need to pay attention to not eating a bunch of crap I would say if there was one tip that I can give you is start making your meals, prepare your meals for the week and limit yourself in terms of eating out twice a week.

Because it’s really hard to eat healthy and clean if you are going out to eat, even if it’s a chicken sandwich that chicken sandwich has all sorts of extra sodium and rock grease and butter to make it more delicious and you don’t realize that if you actually made that yourself you’d be saving for 300 calories. So plan your meals and just exercise every single day. It’s okay to have pizza once in a while just don’t have pizza every day.

Jeremy: How do you find your confidence?

Aaron: My confidence came from fitness. When I started exercising at 12 years old that was the point at which I started to feel better about myself and I truly feel like that is sort of my secret which isn’t really a secret. If you take care of yourself physically it transcends every part of your mind, body and soul. In terms of my energy level I’m a pretty energetic guy and I do drink coffee.

Jeremy: What is your favorite fragrance?

Creed Aventus is my favorite fragrance of all time. My other favorite fragrance is Acqua Di Gio.

Jeremy: What's the most important thing to start a business?

Aaron: My best business advice is to not over plan and to execute and be okay with the fact that you are going to screw things up. I think that too many entrepreneurs think and want everything to be perfect and so they plan and they prepare when the best thing in the best learning you’re going to do is to just get it out there.
Now I’m not saying not to plan and prepare but don’t let perfection stand in the way of progress so get out there and don’t be afraid to fail. You’re going to fail.But those who try and aren’t afraid to get back at it after they they fail that ultimately I feel are the ones that are going to be successful. For me the thing that I fear so much more than failure is just regret.